Blessings Abound

Blessings Abound

reviewed by RJM Terrado of US Review
“Victory or defeat resides in the mind of every person.”

Studies and discussions on blessings tend to focus on material wealth. A trivial understanding that blessings equal the possession of a large amount of money and other things with monetary value has been embraced by the society in general. In Blessings Abound, Sherry Leonard stipulates an-all encompassing understanding of blessings supported by biblical rationale. She shows that God’s blessings know no borders, and they weave a complex web of relations that can lead to an intimate relationship with God and compassion for others.

Sherry Leonard starts her discussion with Philippians 4:19, the most quoted verse in the New Testament on the topic of provision. She reiterates the significance of obedience and its application as a spiritual principle. She underpins the need for total reliance to God and a resolve to refrain from leaning on a believer’s own understanding. Having expounded on this, she jumps from one bible verse after another giving nuggets of truth as she shares her experiences as a nurse, as a mother, as a wife, and as a friend.

The author’s sense of blessfulness triggered by an apparent understanding of where God stands in all life events is the main strength of this book. Leonard has fruitfully explored the existence of blessings in all situations through heartfelt discussions of her personal encounter with God. The author’s realness and courage to take a stand on some hot-button issues in Christian churches today and in her workplace (a patient threatened to report her to her supervisor for talking about Jesus) make the book handy for appreciation, critique, and discussion.


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