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What Gifts Does Jesus Desire From Me?

Christmas is upon us. Have you asked yourself, “What “gifts” does Jesus desire from me?” The same exact gifts He asks from me each day of my earthly walk with Him; whatever Jesus calls “sin” in my life. Although this

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God’s House/Temple

As A Authentic Holy Spirit Sealed Child of God: There’s No Difference Between God’s House and My House! If there is a difference, you are not a child of God! As a Christian, God has given every believer the Resurrection

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Prayer: Communication with God/Jesus/Holy Spirit

Prayer is communication with God, but not all people communicate with the one true God. God’s grace is accessed through Holy Spirit inspired prayer of Jesus’ believers, thereby accessing the very throne room of God. God’s throne room resides in

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Excerpt from Book: Beloved, I Love You!

Beloved, I Love You! Beloved, think about Jesus greatest achievement in His life! Jesus wrote His name in red through the gift of His blood on the cross because of His Father God’s love for you! Jesus, bore the Cross

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How Does A Society Become Hell On Earth?

Years ago, Ronald Reagan said, “If we ever forget that we’re one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under.” We are watching America fall apart at the seams because the nation’s people have foolishly and arrogantly

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